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The Good Life is a cannabis extraction laboratory dedicated to providing premium quality extracts and proprietary extraction services.  We specialize in extracting Indoor, Top Shelf, Nug Run products. NO TRIM OR OUTDOOR is used in our lab whatsoever. We do not believe in extracting waste, which is what trim is, we throw that in the trash. The best flowers you will find at the dispensary is what we use as our starting material. Fire In. Fire Out.


Originally founded in CA as The Good Life Wellness Center, our company has been in the marijuana industry since 2009.  From Flowers to Extracts, we have perfected our craft through years of selective breeding and research. Our aim is to move the extraction process out of the hands of amateurs and into the controlled setting of a lab.  We consist of experienced professionals engaged in the development of standardized and repeatable cannabis extraction processes that can deliver a consistent and high-quality concentrate.



                 The Good Life utilizes a specialized medical-grade solvent mixture developed specifically for cannabis extraction. It is a non-toxic, non-polar, organically friendly solvent that contains no mercaptans and has a low boiling point. n-Butane, the main ingredient,  is made up of hydrogen and carbon atoms that allow it to dissolve oils very effectively without reacting and creating unwanted bi-products. This solvent has been used in the food industry for decades because it is one of the easiest solvents to cleanly evaporate, producing a healthier extract.


                Through research and industry experience, various cannabis strains have demonstrated a variety of effective pharmaceutical, wellness and recreational applications. We have identified specific strains and extraction processes applicable and initiated development and production.  We have adapted a method of extraction like no other processing facility in the field. By focusing on terpene retention and yield maximization, we are able to deliver a final product that is skillfully refined with unmatched quality. 




 Our state of the art laboratory specializes in extracts derived from high-quality cannabis flowers in the form of Live Resin THC-A Diamonds in Sauce, Budder Cookies, Terp Batter, Sugar Resin Crystals and Shatter.



You grow it, we extract it. Flower or trim, we can extract and process any raw material.



 We utilize the extraction process to continuously discover new data and develop new techniques.



Color, clarity, cannabinoids. Our refinement process creates beautiful, potent full spectrum extracts.


Whether you are inquiring about service or have questions, we offer free consultations and consulting services



 Customize your medicine to standardize dosage and improve pharmacokinetic properties.



Need it now? We source premium trim and flower to keep a steady supply of our cannabis oil in stock.


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